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Combination of Coaching and Counselling

Personal Consultancy

Personal consultancy aims to integrate from both counselling and coaching; a coherent framework for one-to-one talking practices.  The combination of both counselling and coaching is specifically designed to meet the client’s needs holistically while assisting them to explore their goals and values. The client will be able to gain a greater depth of self-discovery and stronger personal agency.



Coaching can help you identify your strengths as well as any blocks that may be holding you back. Within the sessions, we will focus on identifying your personal and professional goals. Facilitating an environment for self-awareness and autonomous motivation. I use a psychological approach to coaching; drawing on different therapeutic approaches to cultivate positive behaviour changes while developing a strong sense of self. Generating a strong sense of hope within my clients will make these changes enjoyable. Similar to psychotherapy I will adapt my approach to the unique needs of my client. 


Counselling & Psychotherapy 

I have trained in several different types of therapeutic approaches such as; person-centred, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) & psychodynamic therapy. During the session, I will be able to use different therapeutic underpinnings and skills to assist your needs. 


Psychotherapy and counselling have been shown to help people cope with a wide range of experiences such as anxiety, depression, and self-criticism; all these problems can often become debilitating. Finding ways to express your feelings and emotions is vital as doing so can help release built-up tensions.



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