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You may be considering psychotherapy because of specific concerns; you may have difficulties in your personal relationships or may be dissatisfied with your life. Painful feelings such as; grief, anxiety or depression may be overwhelming to deal with alone. 

I aim to provide an empathetic, confidential, and safe space in which clients can both consciously and unconsciously let down their defenses. The integrative psychotherapy approach I provide allows me to tailor the therapy to your unique needs while identifying any unhelpful behavioural patterns and coping mechanisms you may be holding onto.

My background encompasses the NHS Mental Health Trust; CAMHS and Adults mental health services, as well as the private mental health sector. Providing a range of psychological evidence-based therapies for a variety of mental health disorders and emotional concerns. Working with a diverse range of clients from different backgrounds and ages.


Salma Ali Counselling - Psychotherapist


CAMHS Professionals - aim is to work with other children's services, offering early help and intervention to improve emotional wellbeing

Working with children of primary school age and above; providing a safe, empathetic space in which their concerns and worries are appropriately addressed - an environment free from judgment.


My role within CAMHS services required me to work with children, young people, and their families to help with a range of moderate to severe mental health difficulties. I was involved in the assessment and treatment of mental health disorders and the management of systemic difficulties and risks of children and adolescents.


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